Whitney is a millennial with an insatiable wanderlust and an appetite for exploring personal frontiers both digital and actual. She thrives in liminal spaces where she can use the stuff of possibility as an artistic medium, the material for bizarre and wondrous sculptures.

The arc of Whitney’s career and professional interests bends towards the meeting point of art, justice, storytelling, and creative thinking. She thrives in creative spaces working alongside other people. As a theater technician through college, then a career spent mostly in non-profit institutions as a communicator and digital-native-turned-web-producer, she has had the opportunity to move in the web and production space in many different ways. She’s picked up command line and github work flows, become proficient in CMS management (particularly Wordpress and Drupal), used several different tools for internal project organization, and had the opportunity to do some real cool shit. Like, real cool. Ask her about it.

She is a voracious reader, and is particularly fond of decolonizing science fiction and fantasy and the fiction of the weird. Some of her favorite authors are China Mieville, Victor LaValle, N.K. Jemisin, and Jeff Vandermeer. She has an active to-read and read list and is usually in the middle of one fiction and one non-fiction book at any given moment.

Whitney is also an avid gamer, be it video or tabletop. She enjoys board and roleplaying games that give her tools to be creative. She’s particularly interested in emergent storytelling and the ways that games bring people together.

Play is a central tenet in Whitney’s creative and professional process. In her stint as an improv comedian to her continuing appetite for games as creative practice and community building tool, she engages actively and critically with Play and how it works both practically and on the brain.

She is currently the web master and part of the communications team at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Whitney Baker @whitneyellen
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